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About David...

Director/Editor David A Miller's passion for storytelling is endless. He has never let a lukewarm work ethic, a shortfall in talent, or years of fruitless efforts stop him from going after his dreams. 


While you wouldn't know it from his work, David is a graduate of the Scottsdale School of Film and Theatre.

Despite a sizeable action figure collection, David is married and lives with his wife in Phoenix.

"Just make something up for my quote."

-David A. Miller

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About Tyler...

Screenwriter Tyler Riggs' partnership with David A Miller started shortly after everyone else said no.

Tyler's passion for writing began to blossom during his fruitless years at Lansing Community College. (Often called "the Harvard of mid-Michigan community colleges")

When he's not writing, Tyler spends his free time getting ghosted on Tinder, yelling at the news, and eating his weight in blueberries when they're in season.

Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

"Have people been calling me the next Woody Allen? The question isn't if they have or haven't. The question is should they? And the answer to that question is no."

-Tyler Riggs

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